To find cruelty-free, organic and natural alternatives for every step in the daily life is an interesting way to discover great brands with great values. Chemical products can be very irritating for your teeth and tissues. Not only can they harm yourself, but the production with chemicals (chemical pesticides for example) harms also the nature. It is a great feeling to support brands who care about the environment and all living creatures on this planet. These are the decisions in life that can make much happier. It is interesting to learn more about the brand from which you are buying a product and to know what they are standing for. Inform yourself and choose products from brands with good values that give us the opportunity to do one more step in the right direction.


Tierversuchs-freie, natürliche Alternativen zu finden kann spannend sein. Man lernt dadurch interessante Marken kennen, welche gute Werte vertreten, nachhaltige und natürliche Lösungen anbieten. Chemische Produkte können die Zähne empfindlich werden lassen. Zutaten, welche mit Chemie hergestellt werden (zum Beispiel Pestizide), schaden der Natur und den Lebewesen, welche darin leben.





I have used chemical whitening products (products with a man-made bleaching agent) before and my tooth began to hurt, were sensitive and my tissues irritated. That’s why I stopped to use the common teeth whitening products on the market that contain hydrogen peroxide. Now, with this great brand, it is possible to use a 100% natural, sustainable and conscious product. If you would like to whiten your teeth but want to avoid chemical bleaching and use a natural product, then these beautiful products from BLVNCO are what you were looking for. By choosing organic products, you are not only doing something good for yourself but also for the environement, the nature and every creature living in it.
Die üblichen auf dem Markt erhätliche Produkte für weissere Zähne haben meine Zähne schmerzempfindlicher gemacht durch die Chemikalie Peroxide welche darin enthalten ist. Mit den Produkte von BLVNCO hat man somit die perfekte natürliche Alternative, welche zusätzliche auch noch biologisch-hergestellte (weniger Schadstoffe wie Pestizide) Zutaten enthält.



organic teeth whitening



The BLVNCO box includes the beautiful little black bag which is ideal for your travels, 14 fresh mint coconut oil sachets, the activated charcoal polish and a great biodegradable bamboo toothbrush which has charcoal bristles. The brush also comes with a toothbrush case. You can see that in this box there is everything you need for your oral detox. The products are very handy and can be taken with on travel. At home, you can also just put all the products in the little bag to have the whole set ready to use at one place.
Die BLVNCO Box beinhaltet ein super schönes schwarzes Säckchen indem man das ganze Set zum Beispiel zum Reisen einpacken kann. 14 Kokosnuss-Öl Portionen, die Aktivkohle und eine Bambus Zahnbürste sind in der Box enthalten.

organic teeth whitening

organic teeth whitening



It is very easy to use the natural products and makes your mouth feel clean and fresh without any irritation as it is chemical-free. To apply the charcoal, you can just wet the toothbrush, coat the brush with charcoal and brush your teeth with it during 2 minutes. The you can just rinse it off. After that you can take the second step for your natural oral detox and use the very convenient and handy coconut oil sachets. Just squeeze the content of the sachet in your mouth, swirl it around and spit it out. That’s it!
Die Produkte sind sehr praktisch verpackt und die Anwendung ist simpel. Für das Auftagen der Aktivkohle einfach die Zahnbürste etwas nass machen, dann mit der Aktivkohle bedecken und damit während 2 Minuten die Zähne bürsten. Die super praktische Portionen Kokosnussöl können auch gut für unterwegs oder auf Arbeit verwendet werden. Den Inhalt einfach in den Mund tun und damit 5-15 Minuten spülen. Das Kokosnussöl danach ausspucken und danach den Mund nicht spülen.

organic teeth whitening

These products are a great alternative for everyone who is looking for natural and sustainable teeth withening. A brand with great values and the products are so beautiful that it motivates even more to do an oral detox and take care of the teeth!


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